Karra-250 Solar Panel

At the heart of the Karra-250 is brilliant technical and intelligent design fused with a range of innovative materials that make it the ultimate solar panel.

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Australian Made

You will love the Karra-250, the most beautiful solar panel in the world.

The Karra-250 is manufactured in Australia. We invite you to go online to watch the panels being created.

At TGAL Solar, we want a 25 year warranty to actually mean something. Our partners are global solar industry leaders who zealously value their fine reputations and we are proud to be associated with them.

When considering purchasing a solar panel ask yourself what components and suppliers are used in the production of this panel?

Our panels are Made for Life and we are proud of the suppliers who help create the solar panel for the future.


Global Technology


SolarBridge – Each Karra-250 has its own SolarBridge Pantheon II micro-inverter mounted on the back of each panel, meaning each panel has a 240V AC output. SolarBridge designs its micro-inverters for reliability, using film caps instead of e-caps or other failure-prone components making a 25 year warranty a reality.

This amazing little inverter has a temperature rating from -40 up to +85 degree C at 100% capacity. This compares to a central inverter that starts de-rating its power once the inverter hits +45 degree C.

SolarBridge innovation of using film caps instead of e-caps or other failure-prone components. In Australian conditions roof temperatures can exceed +65 degree C and therefore the Pantheon II micro-inverters can give you performance that our panel demands.

Bridgestone – EVA from Bridgestone has a long history in the solar panel industry providing encapsulation material of the highest quality. Bridgestone’s EVA is optically clear, impervious to water and can be relied on for decades.

Dow Corning – Silicon edge seal from Dow Corning has been a performer of the highest calibre, proven since panels were first commercialised. Tests show the seal outperforms all competition in cohesiveness and lap shear strength.

DuPont – Tindo uses DuPont Tedlar film-based backsheets in the manufacture of the Karra-250. Back sheets are used as a vapor barrier and to protect sensitive components of the panels. Tedlar is the only film based back sheet that has successfully protected solar panels for more than 25 years.

Saint Gobain – The high quality glass used in Karra-250 panels is sourced from Saint Gobain, a company that has been making glass for almost 350 years. It has a textured surface increasing its light transmitting capacity. Its chemical composition and more specifically its low iron oxide content increases transmission of light.

Fischer FPE – This is an aluminum junction box. Not plastic. These junction boxes utilize an array of heat sink fins for superior diode heat dissipation. This German made aluminum junction box will survive the harsh Australian sun. Will a plastic junction box?

Please take the Factory tour with Richard. He will explain why they use only top-grade products to finish with a top-grade product.

Tindo Solar Passion – Richard Inwood


Tindo Solar Factory Tour