Grid Connected

Unique & Distinctive Solar Panels

At the heart of the Karra-250 Solar Panel is brilliant technical and intelligent design fused with a range of innovative materials that make it the ultimate solar panel.

  • Australian Made!
  • Technically Brilliant
  • On-Panel Inverter
  • 240V AC Output (not DC)
  • Simplest Install
  • Longest Warranty
  • Improved Energy Harvest
  • Safest Electrically
  • Most Efficient
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Beautiful to Look At
  • Made for Life

Connect More Panels As You Need Them

Everybody should have a panel this advanced.

Our Panels output 240V AC (Alternating Current) and NOT DC like every other panel supplied in Australia.

This means you can install as few as One panel or as many as you wish. Simply connect them together.

It is almost as easy as Lego (R) to connect them together.

Micro-Inverter v Central Inverter

Traditional Solar Panel installations require a large and usually unreliable inverter to convert the DC output from the solar panels to 240V AC which is the distributed power around your house or business.

When a normal central inverter fails (they do this a lot) then you lose ALL your solar power. It can take many weeks to repair and during that time you are losing money. And you have the problems associated with getting it fixed.

Every Karra-250 panel incorporates its own micro-inverter on it’s back (SolarBridge Pantheon II Micro-Inverter) so we do not have that problem.

If a micro-inverter fails (unlikely as they are warranted for 25 years) then you will only lose the power output from the  panel it is attached to and not the whole system on your roof!

Australian Made

The Karra-250 is manufactured in Australia. We believe the Karra-250, the most beautiful solar panel in the world.

At TGAL, we want a 25 year warranty to actually mean something. Our partners are global solar industry leaders who zealously value their fine reputations and we are proud to be associated with them.

When considering purchasing a solar panel ask yourself what components and suppliers are used in the production of this panel?

Warranty Backed by Chubb Aust.

The Karra-250 has a performance warranty of 25 years in line with most other panel manufacturers.

This is consistent with the industry standard, however our panels are manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia so you can have the confidence knowing that you warranty claim will be dealt with by an Australian manufacturer not an import company or an overseas manufacturer.

Our guarantees are also backed by CHUBB providing you with extra piece of mind.

The SolarBridge Pantheon II micro-inverter on the panel has a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 years. Most inverters sold in Australia only have 5 years.

In addition the SolarBridge Pantheon II micro-inverter has a temperature tolerances of -40 Degree C to +85 Degree C. where other inverters will typically only have temperature tolerances capped at +65 degree C and they start to de-rating at +45 degree C.

Improved Energy Harvest

Maximize each panel’s output to its full potential without it being affected by other panels in the array.

With conventional DC solar systems, panels are connected in series which feed via a single inverter in the grid. The compromise here is that the panels need to be very closely matched because if one panel is under performing, it brings down the whole system.

In a conventional DC system each panel in the system can only work as well as the weakest panel in the series string.

Each Karra-250 has the inverter directly mounted on the back of the frame thus it will not be affected by anyother panel in the system.

Enjoy higher energy yields with individual maximum power point tracking. Studies by Enphase a leading supplier of micro-inverters in the US indicate an extra 25% yield can be achieved over a traditional string inverter.


Expand your solar system — as little as one panel at a time. System expandability is usually not that simple to do with a conventional solar system using a centralized inverter. However with the Karra-250 each module is its own self-contained AC generator allowing flexibility and adaptability of design.


Safer for installers and system owners through elimination of dangerous high DC voltages. A regular DC system can have as much as 600 to 800V DC on your roof. Refer here for a more technical look at DC and the potential arcing risks.


Wouldn’t it be great if I could tell with a high degree of certainty how my system was performing as well as each panel in that system?

With the monitoring The SolarBridge Management System makes this is possible.

You can monitor each Karra-250 individually at home or on your smart phone – anywhere in the world. With a conventional system, you wouldn’t know if a panel was under-performing. And if suspected there was a fault, every panel needs to be removed and individually tested. Our individual panel monitoring makes it so much simpler and easier to keep track of your solar panels.

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Strength and Durability

The aluminum frame on the Tindo panel has twice the cross section of other panels on the market making it an extremely durable and robust panel.

The anodizing on the aluminum frame is twice the thickness of the average panel and the aluminum sections are anodized after they have been cut. Not before. This ensures no bare metal is exposed to the environment.

Direct Mounting

Tindo Karra-250 panel can be mounted directly on a corrugated iron roof without an additional array frame saving the installer time and money. AC Isolating module is also provided and no module earthing is required.