APS Microinverter YC500 (Dual) – Control’s 2 panels simultaneous.

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Micro inverters are more dependable through the elimination of the single string inverter, which typically requires replacement at least once and sometimes even twice in a solar module’s lifetime, adding significant cost. Our reliable micro inverter technology ensures the greatest performance of your PV array. All our products undergo vigorous factory testing, evaluation, and field tracking, resulting in the highest-quality, most dependable solar solution that matches the lifetime of your solar module.

Product Description

The APS YC500 Micro inverter marks a breakthrough in solar technology, making your solar array more powerful, economical, dependable, intelligent and safe.
Conventional systems using one inverter at the end of a “string” solar modules can only operate as efficiently as the least efficient module. Reduced solar output from a shadow or leaf on one module cuts output across all modules in the array.

The APS Microinverter is smarter.

Our microinverter individually maximizes power generation for each module in your array, boosting efficiency by up to 25%. The performance of each module can be individually monitored from your home computer or smart-phone, to ensure top power output always.
Our flagship APS product is the YC500, a grid-tied microinverter with intelligent networking and monitoring systems. Highly dependable and cost effective, the YC500 handles up to 310W modules with negligible clipping, delivering 250W AC per module with dual MPPT. These units can be connected to the rack or directly to the module’s frame, depending on system design.
One APS YC500 Microinverter handles two PV modules – a big advantage! Half the APS inverters and half the installation means real cost savings for residential and commercial solar power systems.

Benefits of Micro APS Inverters:

Maximizes solar power output by connecting to each individual solar panel thereby isolating the impact of any one shaded or damaged panel
Performance data is collected, stored and analyzed in an Internet database, providing customers with round-the-clock visibility of their system’s current and historical functionality.
• Our micro inverters carry a huge 25-year warranty.
• Greater safety and reliability for you and your family with no DC cabling running from the roof.
• Faster and easier installation and more flexibility with system design.