• Changes To Australian Standards – solar panels must now be fire-rated

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    Big changes to AS 4777 and AS 5033


    RET Australia continues to work with the wider Solar Industry and was part of a conference call yesterday with the Clean Energy Council and other large Rec Agents to discuss looming changes to AS 4777 and AS 5033.


    All solar modules are now going to have to be “fire tested” to conform to new Australian Standards requirements.

    The Clean Energy Council have been in touch with all manufacturers and distributors/wholesalers to make them aware of these issues.

    These changes come into effect on the 16/7/2013.

    If panels are not rated for this fire test after this date, the whole system is ineligible to be able to create Recs.

     AS 4777:

    New requirements for inverters to have additional hardware changes also come into effect on the 16/7/2013.

    Australian Standards are requiring manufacturer’s to meet IEC 62109 (parts 1 and 2) to make them comply with the new AS changes.

    This leaves minimal time for manufacturer’s to comply.

    Discussions yesterday with the CEC have revealed that Australian Standards are meeting today to discuss the timing issue and we are hopeful that common sense will prevail and an extension will be provided to allow adequate time for manufacturer’s to implement these changes.


    Both of these changes have significant ramifications to all buyers of Solar PV products.

    Firstly if you instal solar modules after the 15/7/13 and they are not fire rated, we will not be in a position to create the recs for that system.

    It is imperative that you do not hold any pre fire rated stock after the 15/7/13 and is even more important that you check with your supplier that the products you are purchasing leading up to this date are compliant.

    This may cause some significant pressure on wholesalers to sell off their non-compliant stock so keep in touch with your supplier(s) and be fully aware of their particular situations.

     In regard to inverters, it is far more challenging to comment on what to do until a final decision has been made by Australian Standards.

    As soon as we are advised of what is happening we will contact you again straight away.

     Many thanks,

    Steve Coleman


    RETA (WA) Pty Ltd T/As Renewable Energy Traders Australia.

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