• TGAL’s Grahame Hogan Interviewed in Port Macquarie News

    Posted on September 5, 2012 by in News, Solar Energy, Solar Hot Water, Solar PV

    WANT a way to minimise that nasty electricity bill that keeps coming every three months?

    With electricity costs constantly increasing and the trend set to continue over the next few years, now is the time to consider Solar PV to help reduce your electricity cost.

    Grahame Hogan and TGAL Solar are your local Mid-North Coast suppliers of Solar PV systems and they have the solution.

    “As community engagement is one of the qualities that TGAL Solar strives for, we rely on our reputation and word of mouth to promote our business and grow our customer base,” Mr Hogan said.

    “Since TGAL Solar is new to the market we need to make everyone aware they have an option when it comes to Solar Electricity, no longer do we have to settle for cheap or inferior imported systems.” Quality and being local are at the forefront of Mr Hogan and TGAL Solar’s thinking.

    “We want a 25 year warranty to mean something in reality,” he said. “With that in mind, our system has the very best components that can be sourced.

    “We are able to deliver solar power systems that are competitive on price with systems currently on the market.”

    Mr Hogan said the panels are technically engineered and made in Australia for Australian conditions, with the added bonus of keeping money in the country.

    Helping TGAL Solar stand out from the crowd is a different approach to solar systems.

    Instead of wiring several solar panels in series and then delivering high-voltage DC current to a central inverter, each TGAL Solar panel incorporates a micro-inverter.

    This means each 240 watt panel produces 240 volt AC power right at the source, a much safer design.

    “The micro-inverters utilize thin film capacitors, allowing for an industry-leading 20 year warranty,” Mr Hogan said.

    If that wasn’t enough each panel operates completely independently of the others.

    TGAL Solar systems offer a degree of flexibility unachievable from standard systems.

    Individual panels can be oriented in any direction, for example, and as shading of one panel does not affect the output of adjacent panels.

    TGAL Solar claim a higher total power output than from conventional systems with an equivalent rating.

    Another benefit is that the performance of each panel can be monitored via the internet or smartphone application and any problems quickly identified, also each system can be upgraded by as little as one panel at a time.

    “Not only do we do Solar PV systems but we also have Solar Hot Water systems from a leading Australian icon, Hills Australia,” Mr Hogan said.

    “We recommend the use of an evacuated tube Solar Hot Water system as it passively tracks the sun all day giving it a far superior performance.

    “That means more hot water at the end of the day when you need it.”

    Government discounts still apply. Take the first step to massive electricity savings, call now for an obligation free site visit and assessment call Grahame on 0438 696 633 or 1300 768 773.

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