Solar Electricity

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electricity Bill Altogether!

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Solar Hot Water

Bask in Free Hot Water from the Sun!

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Solar Electricity

Our Australian made Solar Panels are “unique” as they carry the micro-inverter on their back so you don’t have dangerous DC current running around your roof (Safety First is our main concern).

Solar Hot Water

A Solar Hot Water system can deliver an energy efficiency of up to 90%. Using advanced evacuated tube solar thermal technology our collectors deliver outstanding solar energy performance with good looks.

Save Money & Save the Planet

We provide you with great tips and advice on How to Save You Money and Use Less Energy so we can tread lightly on this beautiful fragile planet.

Obligation Free Site Assessment

We come to you to evaluate your needs. You'll be surprised at our quality and value.

I am amazed at how much money could be saved just from a few changes to my lifestyle. The electricity savings were amazing. Now I am not at the beck and call of the power company - MB, Port Macquarie, NSW